Wednesday, April 28, 2010

. . . In which I survive Day 1 of my Sugar Detox

Okay.  Truth time.  It is 10:06 pm Eastern--and I have not had any sugar except that which is found in bananas and grapes (my snacks for today).  And I have to admit--I feel pretty darn good!

We went out to eat for breakfast today at a local diner.  I had my coffee without sugar, one piece of wheat toast with my omelet (3 egg, fresh mushrooms, broccoli, tomato, no cheese), and I didn't miss the sugar.  We went to Dunkin' Donuts for dessert (it was one of the boys' birthdays today) and I passed on the donut AND on my favorite toasted almond iced coffee.  

One of the most notable changes was that I didn't feel sluggish after breakfast!  I felt . . .ALERT!  Clear-headed even.  I am not a morning person--It usually takes my brain a couple of hours to catch up with my body.  But not today!

Okay.  Reality check.  I DID get 2 pretty nasty headaches before lunchtime had even hit.  I was expecting some sort of withdrawal symptoms so I was able to just drink lots of water to flush my system and remind myself that this is just my body's way of begging for something that right now it thinks it needs.  OF course you and I know that it doesn't really need it.  But I have spent the last several years (okay 38) convincing it that it did need the sugar.  My bad.  And now apparently it is going to take some time to convince my body otherwise.

Lunch hit and still no sugar: cheese stick, tabouleh salad, oh--fruit.  So some sugar.  But my body threw a full out temper tantrum at this point.  Migraine.  Apparently fruit is not my body's idea of sugar.  

I still was able to recognize this for what it was: withdrawal.  I laid down with my napping baby and was able to take a nap.

I woke up feeling pretty good.  Not groggy at all like I usually am after an afternoon nap.  Had a banana and a cheese stick and a couple of nibbles of whole wheat pasta and got ready to hit the gym with my trainer.  

Ran almost 1.5 miles (12 laps is a mile--I ran 12, walked 1, ran 4, power walked the last one).  Then an hour of weight, resistance, and endurance training.  My trainer kicked my ass today!

And while it wasn't easy (she never makes it easy!) it wasn't hard--you know what I mean?  I never felt that I couldn't do it.  It felt awesome all the way through.

Back home for dinner: light tuna wrap and soup.  Still no sugar in any of the ingredients.  

I gotta say, I am feeling Great!  There were some points of agitation and lack of patience through the day--and a few headaches (literally and figuratively).  But overall--just one day without sugar and I can feel a difference!  There is a clarity there that I didn't know was missing before.


13 more days sugar free. . . . 


Mike Sirotkin said...

The cake really is "all that"! Not helping. Okay, how about this Sage...

We are all Sugar's bitches!
Some are Butter's bitches too.
But all us ''Shug or Butter' Bitches
are following along with you.

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