Sunday, April 18, 2010

The Day Off

Goal Calories: 1400, Actual Calories: I have no freaking idea!  LOL
Goal Exercise: 2 hours, Actual Exercise: 1 hour, 45 minutes 

Yesterday's workout kicked my ass.  And hamstrings.  And triceps.  And abs.  LOL Holy Cow!!!  The plan was I would go to my personal trainer's Boot Camp class and then I would have an hour with her one on one.  But because a lot of her regulars are on vacation this week, I was the only one at her Boot Camp and so we did 1 hour and 45 minutes of 1 on 1.  Today: I rest.  LOL.  It was a GREAT workout.  But today, my muscles are screaming!  So today, I have no exercise planned.

Truthfully, when it comes to exercise days of rest are important.  It is during the rest periods that the magic happens.  Calories continue to burn at an accelerated rate AFTER an intense workout: 12-48 hours after and at a rate of about 15%.  Not too shabby!

I didn't keep track of my calories at all yesterday.  I knew that it would freak me out.  LOL.  I told my trainer about my 1400 daily calories, to which she told me that was fine if I wasn't doing any exercise but I need to add calories on the days I did exercise.  Yeah, I know.  Not that I have been.  But I know that I am supposed to.  Specifically, she said, that I needed to EAT a lot more after yesterday's 2 hours.  She said this over and over and over.  Okay okay, I get it.  

When I came home I figured out my caloric burn for that workout (yep--iPhone app) and for 1 hour and 45 minutes of circuit training, at my weight, I burned over 1200 calories!  Which means to have my goal of 1400, I actually needed to eat 2600!!  That's a lot of calories for someone who's used to eating 1400.  Plus, given (asyou know by now) my complete obsession with numbers (one of the "fats" I am trying to trim), I thought the best thing I could do for myself is to not count calories at all yesterday and just eat when I was hungry.  

Today is my day of rest for exercise, yesterday was my day of rest from counting calories.

It did feel good to not be writing everything down knowing that I worked out enough to cover it.  It was like a day off from the number obsession. 

Okay--so here we go:

Calorie Goal: 1400
Exercise Goal: 0


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