Thursday, April 15, 2010

How much does self deprication weigh?

So let's just start right off with the nitty gritty, shall we?

Yesterday's Goal:   Calories: 1400    Exercise: 90 minutes
Actual Calories: 1600   Actual Exercise 60 minutes

And there it is. 

I should have looked at those figures at the end of the day and thought: "Good Start!"  But instead I spent the hour before I went to bed beating myself up for going 200 calories over my goal and 30 minutes under.  Never mind that my 1 hour, 2.5 mile trail hike through the lakey-woodsy nature center nearby burned over 200 calories and so therefore, my net calorie intake WAS 1400.  Nope.  I was too busy being self-deprecating to acknowledge that. 

How many calories get burned during negative self talk?  None.  How much does that negativity weigh?  A ton.

Cortisol is a hormone that is activated during times of stress.  Short little burst of stress are no big deal and cortisol ultimately helps our bodies deal with those stresses.  BUT--continuous stress and big stress are a whole other ballgame.  In those cases, the cortisol causes damage to the body--in all the nasty weight gaining ways: messes with thyroid function, blood sugar levels, and causes the body to hold on to and increase abdominal fat.  In this case the negative self talk is the prolonged continuous stress.

How many calories get burned during negative self talk?  None.  How much does that negativity weigh?  A Ton. 

Lesson learned: set the goals and acknowledge and celebrate the accomplishment!

Did I stay within my caloric intake goal for yesterday--YES, when you factor in the 200+ calorie burn of the 1 hour hike.

Did I work out for 90 minutes?  No, I worked out for 60 minutes.  The first 1.5 miles, I created a high intensity hike--running sprints, running hills, jogging backwards, and using my water bottles as weights to work out my arms and shoulders in circuits.  Nothing to feel bad about there.

The plan was to come home and do yoga for 30 minutes.  We came home, and I couldn't tell you what we did next.  Just life.  The kids played games and got baths, my husband and I chatted about our day, I did some school work on the computer and then figured out how to connect this blog to a fan page on Facebook, and then before I knew it--it was 11pm and I was exhausted!  (But a GOOD exhausted!).

I do wish I had gotten yoga in, but not because it would have meant that I got my "time" in.  I just LOVE yoga!  So I am disappointed that I didn't set a specific time aside to do yoga the way I did with my hike.

Lesson Learned: Set a specific time each day for the exercise including the Yoga.  Just because I love to do it, doesn't mean it won't get pushed aside if I allow it to.

Speaking of Facebook. . . It occurred to me that creating a fan page there would be a good way to gather support for myself.  I have a large community of friends from the various parts of my life and living--why not invite them in (or more specifically, why not just put it all out there and ask for the support?)  Asking for support is not something that I am good at doing.  I would rather keep it all to myself and then, when I succeed: "TADA!!!  Look what I did ALL BY MYSELF!".  There is a problem with that.  I have yet to succeed all by myself.  

Within a half hour of creating my fan page and sending out invites: 11 fans!  Wow.  Humbled.  Completely.  Thank You, by the way.  Knowing you are out there, reading, listening, supporting . . .feels GOOD.  Like a big hug. And Right Back Atcha! ;) 

Okay--Onward!  Today's Goals: 1400 calories, 60 minutes exercise: 30 cardio/strength, 30 yoga.

Tally Ho! 


Lisa said...

love your site! great post! i'd wager that self depreciation is at the heart of most of our "issues."


Jim & Sharon said...

Just so you know...YOU inspire me. Don't be discouraged...I know you CAN do this. We all have your go girl!!! And don't forget....YOU ROCK!!!!!

Jacqueline Parks said...

Support is a good thing! Just wanted to let you know that I was reading. Good luck! :)

Mike Sirotkin said...


Mary Hickman said...

Hugs and water (remember, more water)

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