Monday, April 26, 2010

. . . and Real Life Seeps In!

Normally here is where I would first post my goal and actual calories and goal and actual exercise--but after a little over a week of hard core calorie counting and timing of workouts, I have fallen into a routine--and into Life. 

I eat about the same every day--and no, it isn't boring.  I have found some delicious and low calorie/low fat favorites and I love them so much, I eat them everyday!  I love my Strawberry Fields from Kashi (or more recently Special K Berry).  I love my turkey burgers--these are easily changed up by changing the toppings (I love lots of veggie toppings!), and I love my yogurt protein smoothies--although my little blade for my blender has run away from home so I haven't had those in awhile.  =(

My exercise goals have changed a bit.  I have finally gotten over the (mental) hump of not being able to run for any substantial distance or any substantial length of time and I have run over a mile every day since last Thursday.  I was actually disappointed when the weather forecast for yesterday AND today was for rain--but we found a dry pocket yesterday and ran!  Today, I will either find another dry pocket or go to the gym and run the track.  Actually I will probably go to the gym anyway--I want to hit the weight machines.

Tomorrow--I would normally go to my trainer's boot camp (and I DO have a training session with her on Wednesday), but here is where real life comes in: our oldest son's birthday is Wednesday and we are taking him to dinner on Tuesday night and then out to breakfast on Wednesday morning.  AND I am baking him a chocolate cake.  Okay.  And Wednesday is weigh in day.  O---Kay.

So, per request, we are going to Uno's for dinner.  I like Uno's because they have a computer in their foyer that you can look up anything on their menu and see all of the nutritional facts--including how many servings are in their servings (I will warn you--this can be a bit of a shocker the first time you try it!).  But I will have complete control and knowledge of my calorie intake (and sodium).  The cake I am baking is in no way low cal or low fat.  But I have control over the piece I cut for myself--and knowing the next day is a weigh in day is a good motivator!

Breakfast on Wednesday will be AFTER my weigh in.  The birthday boy wants to go to a diner that he likes to go to while at his other home, so we are going there.  I am hoping for a light menu--or the ability to create a light breakfast (fruit, oatmeal, english muffin w/ jam, no butter, etc.).  I feel like I am doing a Biggest Loser challenge!  

It is real life, though.  Events come up, and celebrations . . .and like most Americans--we do celebrate with food.  It is just a matter of not letting food celebrate with us!


wrenandstitchy said...

"including how many servings are in their servings" -- I know it's not funny how huge restaurant servings are, but that statement made me chuckle.

I hope the birthday boy's celebrations are wonderful :).


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