Friday, April 16, 2010

Full Disclosure

Yesterday's calorie goal: 1400, Actual calories: 1359
Yesterdays exercise goal: 60 minutes (30 cardio/strength, 30 yoga), 
Actual exercise: 60 minutes (30 cardio/strength circuit focus on arms, 30 abs)

Still didn't get my yoga in.  I am going to do Yoga this morning before anything else, damnit.  LOL.

Now for the full disclosure:

I don't own a scale. Well, not your everyday, bathroom variety anyway.  I use the scale at my gym (those awful ones that you see at the doctors office where you have to move the blocks on a lever at the top until it matches your weight.  I have a hate-hate relationship with those.  They always seem to add about 5 pounds to what I thought I was) and I use my Wii Fit board. 

But I can't own a real bathroom scale.  I have "issues" with bathroom scale.  Mainly that I will weight myself every time I go to the bathroom (and I don't mean that every time I go to complete a bodily function, I weigh myself.  I mean that every time I walk into the bathroom for ANY reason--brush my teeth, put something away, get a bandaid, etc--I weigh myself).  I also will weigh myself if I come within 2 feet of the bathroom door.  You know how they say that your weight fluctuates about 2 pounds throughout the course of a day.  Well, A) that's true and B) I could tell you how my weight fluctuates at each hour of the day.  That is how often I weigh myself.  (My weight is at my lowest between 11am - 1pm depending on when I eat lunch--it is lower before I eat.  It is highest after dinner).  Having an obsession with my bathroom scale is not healthy.  And for me, it determined each hour as either a "good" part of the day or a "bad" part of the day.  Long story short, my husband gave me a bit of an intervention and the scale went into the garbage.  I was freed!

I go to the gym 2-4 times a week and I hate that scale so much I only get on it once a week.  The Wii Fit board (using the Wii Fit Plus "game") is too much of a hassle to weigh myself more than once a day. So it is a safe bet.

Usually the Wii Fit board is fairly accurate.  It always matched my bathroom scale when I had it.  And after throwing away the bathroom scale, when I started going to the gym, I started checking that scale against the Wii Fit scale and it was very close (sometimes the same weight, sometimes a pound difference).  

So here comes the full disclosure (and if you don't own or know anything about the Wii or Wii Fit--I apologize in advance.  This may not make any sense).

When I started this blog a couple of days ago, I weighed myself on my Wii Fit board and it said 212.5.  But I should note that the Wii (the console, not the Wii Fit board) was on it's last leg.  After a year of my 1-2 year old shoving discs into it--one after another without taking any out--it wouldn't read discs anymore.  I could use the different "channels" (when you turn on the Wii--there are several channels that you can choose without using a disc).  One of my channels was the Wii Fit channel--which allows me to do a "body test"--get my weight, check my balance, etc.  This is what I used.

Yesterday, I bought a new Wii (and later a new Wii Fit Plus game as the old one was damaged beyond cleaning).  Because it was new, all of my saved data was gone and I needed to start from scratch.  That was okay.  But when I stepped on the board to weigh myself it said 215!!!!  215!!!! 2.5 pounds in 2 days???!!!  REALLY???!!!!  

I then used my Biggest Loser Wii game to check, and my EA Active game to check.  They both said 217!!!!!  Two more pounds within an hour????  REALLY???  

Okay--Those 2 games always did put me at 2 pounds heavier than the scale or the Wii Fit board, so that really was no surprise.  But still.  I have a goal.  

Now there may be other explanations.  It was 10pm when I was weighing myself.  I could be getting my period.  Maybe my clothes were heavier this time on the scale.  Maybe all three.  I will be weighing myself today--this morning on the Wii Fit just to check again and I will go from there** (**See below). 

I am considering buying a new bathroom scale, just to have ONE scale to use for Weigh In Wednesdays.  But I will make the husband keep it in his office and only bring it out on Wednesdays!  LOL.

Okay here we go:

Today's calorie goal: 1400
Today's exercise goal: 30 minutes of Yoga! (I am keeping this number low today--my four year old was very sick last night and his fever still hasn't broken.  My 2 year old is feeling feverish as well.  So I am keeping my exercise numbers conservative).

**Just weighed myself on the Wii Fit this morning.  Results: 213.8  Much better--and can be attributed to a number of things.  But for continuity sake, I am going to use this as my starting number (I am going to go back an edit the first blog to reflect this).  I am also going to weigh in on Wednesdays between 8:30am and 9am to keep everything as equal as possible.


Lisa said...

scales are evil! or maybe it is just our perceptions of what the scale says that is evil!
i have a feeling we've talked about scales before, on fb?

Mike Sirotkin said...

Hum. I'm biased here because I'm a libra. If scales are evil then so is my sign..

But seriously. Sage I have images of you achieving your desired body measurements and becoming a fit spaghetti strap-toting, iron girl with a "Real Age" of her real age minus 10 to 20 years... And somehow still weighing in at a defient 213.8lbs! Understand here is that I can see the changes in Sage's body over the past few months she has shed inches already and continues to do so. Face, arms, back, chin slimming. She looks like she dropped about 20lbs and looks 5 years younger. But the *!?&ing scale (ok let's submit scales are evil for the moment) doesn't reflect what I and others see. That's not meant as a poor consolation prize but rather a perspective. Still sounds like a poor consolation prize? Try this on for size. The sun doesn't rise and set on the scale. The sun rises and set on you. IMHO 

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