Thursday, April 22, 2010

Run, Forrest, Run

Yesterday's Goals: Calories: 1400, Exercise: 60 minute
Yesterday Actual: Calories: 1400, Exercise: 45 minutes running and walking, and 2 hours of serious cleaning of the little ones' room.  LOL.

Last night I went to one of my favorite woodsy-lakey-nature trail places and ran.  I completed a session of my C25K app (couch to 5k) and then walked the rest of the 3 mile trail.  

The run was not good.  I had difficulty getting my breath to regulate--I was huffing and puffing and struggling like nobody's business!  The session yesterday was a 5 minute brisk walk, followed by 2 repetitions of running for 1.5 minutes, walking for 1.5 minutes, running for 3 minutes, walking for 3 minutes.  The 90 second runs were not a problem.  But I was really struggling with the 3 minutes blocks.  It was really frustrating and I really got down on myself on the walk back.  

Then 4 deer crossed my path--not 10 feet from me!  Beautiful.  Just beautiful.  I stopped to watch them and in those moments reset my self talk.  Did I have a good solid run? No.  But did I run? YES!!  I ran.  I got through it.  I moved.  I pushed through and persevered!  Hooray for me!

This morning I met with my trainer (who wanted me to start our session by running a mile--A MILE!).  She reminded me that anyone can (and everyone does) have a bad run from time to time.  No biggie.  Nothing to worry about. Move on!

So we ran.  A Mile.  Yep.  I ran a full mile without stopping--and then I ran a little more (at a sprint!).  Previously she has timed my 1/2 miles and it had put me at a 12 minute mile, and more recently at 11.40.  Today: 11.11!  Not only did I run a mile, but I beat my time!  AND I ran for 11 minutes strait with no huffing and puffing--just solid clean breaths.  YAY!  I was so pumped she put me through power sets of weights--rotating through with only break enough to take a drink from my water bottle. . .It was awesome.  I was Awesome!

I AM Awesome!

Today's goals: Calories: 1400, Exercise: 90 minutes (I already got 60 minutes in, I want to get 30 more of yoga in tonight--like dessert!)


Jim & Sharon said...

Yes, you are awesome!!!!! Of course, you always were. Now, well now, even more so.

Mike Sirotkin said...

Fabulous deer. Pardon the pun. But seriously ..mile! Demolishing you previous pace. Absolutly awesome!!! Exciting!!! Way to go.

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